🐇 Survival of the Fittest: Stoat’s Swift Attack on a Rabbit #nature #wildlifehaven #wildlife

Welcome to Herewood, a place I’ve called home for the last couple of years, after living on and off for a decade. I’ve been a visitor to this woodland paradise for over 35 years. Surrounded by nature on three sides, with a field of wildflowers and gorse bushes on the fourth, it’s a wildlife lover’s dream. Occasionally, we even have cows, and my Lakeland Terrier, Bob, has made quite a few bovine friends.

Joining Bob in our canine crew are Maggie, a spry Border Terrier; Dolly, a majestic Deerhound x Wolfhound; and Peggy, a lively Bedlington Whippet x Bedlington Terrier. They’re all stars of my videos, along with the deer, squirrels, mice, and a young buzzard that frequent our garden. We also spot stoats, badgers, foxes, pheasants, and kites. I’ve even seen the elusive Pine Marten, though I’ve yet to capture it on film.

Herewood was a derelict cottage until my uncle, a former SAS member, bought and renovated it in the early ’70s. He passed away in 2020, but his spirit lives on in this place. He had many adventures, most of which he kept to himself, but his love for Herewood was always evident. I hope to continue filming and sharing the beauty of this place for as long as I can.

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