10 Fun Facts About Sphynx Cats Top 10 Wizard – Cats 101

10 Fun Facts About Sphynx Cats Top 10 Wizard – Cats 101. Meet the Sphynx cat, the hairless feline from Canada who’s more than just a naked pet. Discover 10 fun facts about this unique breed, including their high-energy and clownish personality, loyalty to their owners, and need for warmth. Despite their hairless appearance, Sphynx cats require regular grooming to keep their skin healthy. If you’re considering adding a Sphynx to your family, watch this video to learn more. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more fun, fauna facts!

0:00 Introduction
1:00 The Sphynx is Canadian
2:07 The Sphynx is a high-energy clown
2:47 He’s a people kitty
3:33 Yeah, baby yeah!
4:21 Your epidermis is showing
5:27 He needs lots of grooming
6:14 The Sphynx eats a lot
6:45 Sphynx kittens are heavily wrinkled
7:15 The Sphynx loves to be warm
7:46 The Sphynx cat has very dexterous toes
8:26 Conclusion and call to action

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