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I put together 11 fun ways to bond with your ferret in order to bring you closer!
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Ever wonder why your ferret doesn’t like you? Today’s video I go over the top bonding techniques for a more affectionate and trusting ferret, plus the common mistakes YOU may be making.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:43 – Why is Bonding Important?
1:53 – Signs Your Ferret is Bonded to You
2:15 – Signs Your Ferret isn’t Bonded to You
2:53 – Bonding Idea: Old T-Shirt
3:07 – Bonding Idea: Hangout Together
3:38 – Bonding Idea: Get Down Low
4:15 – Bonding Idea: Safe Play Time
4:47 – Bonding Idea: Nap with Your Ferret
5:23 – Bonding Idea: Include Your Ferret!
5:49 – Bonding Idea: Talk to Your Ferret
6:24 – Bonding Idea: Food
6:51 – Bonding Idea: Proper Handling
7:32 – Bonding Idea: Rub Down
8:01 – Bonding Idea: Training and Tricks
8:22 – Common Mistakes New Ferret Owners Make
9:23 – Why Doesn’t My Ferret Like Me?
11:09 – How Long Does It Take to Bond with a Ferret?
11:55 – Outro and Final Remarks

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Part Of Your World – Orchestra Music

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Lyrics to the song at 6min (to the tune of ‘Part of This World’)
I wanna be where the ferrets are
Hear them dookin’,
Watch them war dance.
Walkin’ around on those
What do ya call em?
Toe beans!

((After end credits))
Down where you are,
Where the toe beans are,
in a part of a ferret world!


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