12 Ruthless Stoats Showing No Mercy For Their Prey

Although stoats, also known as ermines and weasels are small creatures, they are active and ambitious predators spanning a huge geographic range, including significant portions of North America, Europe, and Asia. If you want to see them in action, keep watching.

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Stoat Kills Birds

The female stoat in this video raids a woodpecker’s nest, and as she sneaks into the nest, you can see her pull the dead woodpeckers out of the nest. When one of the parents returns to the nest, it keeps its distance, because it knows something is wrong. When the stoat finally leaves, the parent returns to see what happened and realizes that the nest has been emptied. In this video, a team of experts was studying the behavior of the gray shrike. Game cameras were used to check which food the parents were feeding their young, and the images also revealed how a weasel visited the nest and attacked the birds.

A nestling black-fronted tern is attacked by a hungry stoat in this video. The bird flaps its wings incessantly, and it spooks the stoat, forcing the little guy to abandon the hunt. Weasels, unlike other predators, tend to kill or harm multiple birds, if not entire flocks, in a single attack. They also prefer to drink the target animal’s blood rather than eat significant amounts of flesh. This weasel has hunted and caught a Canada Jay, and it’s carrying it into its den. I don’t think the bird is dead, but I’m not sure.

Stoat Hunting Rat

This looks like a fair fight and both culprits are going at it hard, but it doesn’t look like either has the advantage, until the stoat strikes and kills the rodent, but runs off before it’s able to take its prey because it is spooked by the person filming. The people recording this fight between a weasel and a rat missed the start of the fight, but there was only going to be one winner, and despite being smaller and lighter, the weasel managed to kill the rodent and drag it back into its den. Rats are resilient, but the rat in this video didn’t have a chance when it was ambushed by a hungry and crazy weasel that mangled it to death in minutes. This ermine is unsettling when it attacks a rat. The rat is minding its own business and doesn’t seem interested in fighting with the ermine, but the ermine has other plans and doesn’t quit until it kills the rodent.

Only five inches long, the least weasel is the smallest true carnivore on earth, but also one of the fiercest. Their long flexible bodies allow them to pursue their prey almost anywhere. The weasel’s powerful jaw thrusts sharp canines through the prey’s skull. Retreating to his burrow, the weasel eats the victim’s brain giving him a burst of energy. The compulsion to kill propels him back outside and he brings back another corpse. Not only is he a killer, but a hoarder too. At least weasels have been found with up to 50 carcasses stuffed away. When a man stepped outside his house, he witnessed something totally unexpected. A stoat was attacking a rat right outside his front door, so the man grabbed his camera and filmed the incident, as the stoat showed the rat his mojo.

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