15 Ferocious Ferrets Violently Challenging Other Animals On Camera

The weasel family, which also includes polecats, stoats, and ermines, includes ferrets. The European polecat is most likely the ancestor of domesticated ferrets. The domestication of ferrets dates back roughly 2,500 years. In the past, ferrets were utilized for rodent and rabbit hunting. If you want to see this exciting animal in action, you’re at the right place, so let’s get started.

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Ferrets/Weasels VS Squirrel

Ferrets are feisty little creatures and many people have them as pets, but they can turn into vicious little creatures you can see what I mean in this video when a ferret is seen destroying a squirrel in the forest. A ferret jumps into a ditch to attack a squirrel. The squirrel tries to escape, but the ferret attacks the squirrel’s neck and holds on to it. The battle is long and grueling as the squirrel tries to fight back, but in the end, the ferret will most probably triumph. A ferret is seen wrestling with a squirrel in this video.

It looks more like a one-sided fight because the ferret is demolishing the poor little rodent which seems already dead. In this video, a much smaller weasel challenged a squirrel, but there wasn’t a clear fight until the animals went into the brush, where the person recording couldn’t see all the action. He’s not sure if the squirrel escaped and he felt sorry for it if it was killed, but weasels are carnivores and need to eat. When a weasel meets a squirrel twice its size, the beginning of the fight looks like a friendly game, until the weasel goes nuclear on the squirrel and tries to kill it.

Ferrets VS Rabbit

In this video, a ferret can be seen dragging a much larger dead rabbit through the snow after killing the animal. Ferrets can attack and kill larger animals and this video proves it. This video is quite spectacular. We can see a ferret entering a rabbit’s burrow to pull the rabbit out of there. The underground footage acquired from several warrens in the same area best illustrates the difficult environments and powerful quarry the working ferret takes in its stride. The ferret gets his prize at the end of the video, after a lot of hard work and perseverance. A ferret is seen chasing a rabbit in its burrow, as the two animals run through holes and chambers during the chase. Two ferrets were used in this video, to force the evacuation of the rabbits, considered pests on this land. The holes that rabbits create in the ground or sand can be exceedingly deep, to the point where tunnel systems known as rabbit warrens are created.

Rabbit burrow burrows can have multiple entrances. A weasel is seen attacking a small rabbit in this video, but for some reason, they let go of the rabbit at one point and scrams. Perhaps, it was startled by the person recording the incident, but anything is possible. In the fluffy snow, a weasel is seen trying to kill a bunny rabbit. The rabbit isn’t fighting much, because he’s already overwhelmed by the attack, and it looks like this rabbit is done. Weasels never cease to amaze me because they are so small and yet, they can kill and carry much larger prey, such as the weasel in this video, running with a rabbit in its mouth after killing it. At first, the people recording this video mistook the marten for a mink. The endgame of the lengthy pursuit by the marten after the snowshoe hare around their campsite was a vicious kill made by the marten. A poor, unsuspecting rabbit is grabbed by the ear by a weasel and violently attacked. The rabbit naturally tries to escape, but the weasel is not having any of it.

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