15 Horrific Moments When Minks Go Brutal

Minks are highly aggressive semi-aquatic creatures. They are also known as water weasels, and they are vicious and ruthless. They have a habit of killing prey much bigger than themselves and usually, they kill more than they can eat. Whether you’ve seen a mink in action or not, stick around, as we look at 15 horrific moments when minks go brutal.

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Mink Attacks Muskrat

This redheaded mink chases and attacks a muskrat in a little stream and it’s a vicious battle. Even though the muskrat is tough and giving everything it has, this mink seems to know what he’s doing, and he’s got the momentum, so I think it’s the end of the road for the muskrat unless a miracle happens, which is not the case. This albino mink is not the most experienced hunter just yet and it’s trying to dispose of a muskrat in this video. The mink has already killed muskrats in the past, but not a whole bunch of them, so it’s still learning.

You can see the muskrat giving the mink quite a fight as they tumble and roll over during the scuffle. It looks like this mink has got its hands full with this muskrat, and I wouldn’t bet on the mink this time around. This muskrat is one hell of a fighter. A mink drags a dead muskrat along a small stream, after killing it in a fight. I guess, for these little guys, it’s harder for them to drag the dead animal than it is to kill it. A mink chased and ambushed a muskrat on the side of a road, and even though the muskrat tried to fend the mink off, the mink managed to drag the muskrat into the forest.

Mink Attacks Squirrel

Normally, minks can quickly dispatch their prey, but this rock squirrel put up quite a fight and took much longer than usual, to succumb. This mink, which is owned by the individual filming had just killed a similarly sized squirrel in a matter of seconds two weeks prior to this hunt! For people concerned about the mink, he was not bitten or injured during the struggle. Minks are very good at subduing dangerous prey while avoiding being bitten. The mink was able to dispatch the squirrel without receiving so much as one noticeable scratch. The poor squirrel fought for its life, but I guess it came up short. A mink attacks a squirrel on a riverbank, and even though the squirrel fights back hard, the mink has no trouble expediting the squirrel by choking it to death like how the big cats kill their prey. A man looking out a window witnessed what he thought was a black squirrel rushing through the woods, colliding with a Fox Squirrel, resulting in a tragic conflict. As he stood there watching them flop around and whirl in a circle like they were in a cartoon battle, he wondered why squirrels would fight on the ground.

They usually run up and down trees chasing each other. So, he stepped outside to get a better look, and it appeared to be a gigantic mink kicking the squirrel’s buttocks. He took a quick glance at the man and bolted about 40 feet away. The squirrel sat up, stunned, and attempted to flee, but the mink reappeared in front of the guy, leaped on the squirrel, and resumed his pounding. The man dashed back to his car and grabbed his camera. He chose to let nature take its course due to the large number of squirrels in his region. They split up again due to his presence, with the squirrel hiding somewhere and the mink fleeing a few hundred feet away. When the man returned to the house, the mink returned to look for him. Because the man had to leave, he had no idea how it finished, but he can certainly speculate. It’s not every day that you see anything like this!

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