15 Moments When Birds Were Mercilessly Hunted By Animals

Many birds turn into snacks for other hungry animals. Even hawks and eagles are not safe in the wild. Join us, as we look at 15 moments when birds were mercilessly hunted by animals

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Jackal Vs Stork

I often think of Jackals as crafty little scavengers hanging around bigger predators hoping to pick up scraps, which they frequently do, but they are also very capable hunters. The Ngorongoro Crater is known for producing amazing interactions between the animals that live there. The battle in this video is between a Golden Jackal and an Abdim’s Stork, though to be fair, the battle was pretty much over once the Jackal caught the stork. I thought storks had more “oomph” in them, but I guess I was wrong or maybe I underestimated the jackal. In this video, a golden jackal tries to kill a tough stork, but the bird uses all his strength and wings to dissuade the scavenger. It’s not easy, as the jackal bites and pulls on the stork’s wings and behind, but the bird doesn’t give up.

The stork in this video may be standing up, but his neck is broken, and his head is hanging, so he’s dead. The jackal bites the hanging head of the bird because it wants to make sure it’s dead. The Ngorongoro Crater is filled with Abdim’s Storks for a few months of the year, and the Jackals make the most of it! This Golden Jackal stalked and caught a stork right in front of onlookers filming the entire thing and proceeded to dispatch it. The action in real life is very quick, and it was only when the people present watched the video in slow-motion that they realized just how savage the encounter was.

Mink Attacks Swan

This mink is all over this swan, and as much as the big bird tries to escape, he’s unable to. The mink is relentless and eventually pushes the swan into exhaustion to finish it off. This mink surprises a swan when it goes directly for the bird’s head. The swan flaps its wings and jumps all over the place to dispatch the mink and it works. The mink is not able to hold on to the swan and will have to look for some other animal to pester on this day.

Swans are tough birds, but I guess this mink didn’t get the memo before attacking the bird in the water. This is a vicious fight, but the swan is a big bird, and the mink couldn’t overpower it. You must give kudos to the mink for trying though. The cameraman stated that he followed the swan for three days after the incident to make sure he was okay and on the third, he could tell the swan and recuperated from the fight and was eating and going through his usual daily routine. Imagine, a small animal like the mink beat up a swan, it needed three days to recuperate.

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