15 Ruthless Stoats Showing No Mercy for Their Prey

Although stoats, also known as ermines and weasels are small creatures, they are active and ambitious predators spanning a huge geographic range, including significant portions of North America, Europe, and Asia. If you want to see these little guys in action, making the most of every hunt, you’re at the right place, so let’s get started.

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Stoat Hunt Rabbit

The people filming this video took the time to sit in nature and enjoy the scenery, while having a cup of tea and a sandwich, and were lucky enough to witness this very short skillful hunt by a stoat. The stoat is a small predator with a long, low-slung body that is ideal for hunting small rodents and rabbits. With a bite to the base of the skull, it can easily kill an adult rabbit that is much larger than itself. After chasing a big bunny for barely thirty seconds, a much smaller stoat attacked and killed the rabbit, without a problem. It’s incredible how strong and deadly these predators are for their size.

Stoats frequently live near humans, but they are rarely aggressive unless provoked. They are shy and prefer to stay away from humans. If they feel threatened by humans or other predators, they may become aggressive. In this video, a stoat runs towards a rabbit and retreats, thereby mesmerizing the cute rodent, before jumping on it again and delivering a deadly blow. Even though the rabbit is probably twice the size of the stoat, it doesn’t stop the feisty animal from killing it.

Stoat Hunts Rat

A Stoat can kill an animal much larger than itself and is largely carnivorous; in the UK their primary food source is the rabbit, supplemented with rodents, hares, and birds. It also eats insects, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. When food is scarce, they will eat carrion. Stoats are fierce predators and can move at speeds of 20 miles per hour when hunting and may travel as far as 8 kilometers during one hunt. It is a very skillful tree climber and, like a squirrel, can descend a trunk headfirst. Many say that the Stoat is one of the few animals which kills for the fun of it, but this is untrue, for when it can obtain more meat than it can eat, it will engage in ‘surplus killing’ and will store the extra food for later, foxes do the same. In this video, a rat is ambushed and killed by a stoat.

Stoats are active hunters who will chase mice and voles into their underground burrows and will climb trees to raid bird nests. The people recording this fight between a stoat and a rat missed the start of the fight, but there was only going to be one winner, and despite being smaller and lighter, the stoat managed to kill the rodent and drag it back into its den. This looks like a fair fight and both culprits are going at it hard, but it doesn’t look like either has the advantage, until the stoat strikes and kills the rodent, but runs off before it’s able to take its prey, because it is spooked by the person filming. However, the stoat returns and finishes the job. When a man stepped outside his house, he witnessed something totally unexpected. A stoat was attacking a rat right outside his front door, so the man grabbed his camera and filmed the incident, as the stoat showed the rat his mojo.

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