3 Easy Ways to Whistle With Your Tongue

Can you whistle? If you’ve spent countless hours trying to whistle but never figured out how, here’s your chance! There are lots of different ways to set your tongue, lips, and fingers to whistle. Then you can make a mundane task more interesting, pass the time, and impress others.

An informal poll found that 67% of people asked said they couldn’t whistle or couldn’t whistle very well. Many non-whistlers think that whistling will always be an impossible task for them, a feat that is simply beyond their capabilities — and so they stop trying. They might attribute this inability to genetics, the shape of their mouth, the shape of their lips, or the width of their tongue. Watch our new video to learn how to use your tongue to create the sharp and vibrant whistle you’ve been dreaming of.

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– Begin by slightly puckering your lips. A good trick is to exclaim “Ooohh!” and keep your lips in the position they’re in at the end of the exclamation. Move your tongue toward the roof of your mouth, and set the tip of your tongue against your 2 front teeth. Then blow air out. Doing this will create a high-pitched sound. The sound will vary according to how much air you blow out: the stronger you blow, the higher the pitch.
– Pull back your lips against your teeth. You should look like a smiling baby with just gums! You can use your fingers to ensure your teeth are fully covered. You can also use a mirror to double check that your mouth looks like it should.
– This method involves using your tongue and 2 fingers. Decide which fingers you want to use. They will hold your lips in the proper position, so you should use fingers that are strong enough to hold your lips in place and sit comfortably in your mouth. Some finger combinations include both index fingers, middle fingers, or pinky fingers. But for many, the easiest choice is the thumb and index finger of your right hand.
– If none of those techniques are working for you, you can always try the puckering method of whistling, which is the most common for whistling a song. This method simply involves puckering your lips, letting your tongue become relaxed inside your mouth, and then blowing out air. It’s important to blow the right amount of air.

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