3 Zone 20ft Mega Ferret Enclosure Tour

Our enclosure is 20ft long by 10ft deep and 8ft tall.

The enclosure is designed to maximise flexibility of the accomodation, and allow separation of ferrets for seasonal or isolation purposes. Within the indoor area, there is a duplex suite which can be separated from the main area either as a duplex or split into two separate flats. Furthermore, the outdoor area can be split in two to provide an entirely separate self-contained living and enrichment area.

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0:00 Approach from Outside
0:11 Outdoor Play Area
0:56 Water Feature
1:06 Tunnels and Hills
1:17 Hay Loft Nest
1:29 Independent Zone 2
2:05 Exercise Wheel
2:19 Indoor Area
2:48 Independent Duplex Suite
3:08 Fleece Loft Den
3:14 Exiting the Enclosure

The enclosure was a bespoke DIY build myself, built to a very high spec to ensure storm and extreme weather proof. the spec is as follows:
* 4×4 pressure treated timber columns
* C16 6×2 pressure treated crossbeams and roof joists
* 16gauge 25cm x 25cm galvanised mesh
* high strength stormproof corrugated plastic roofing
* 12mm OSB roof and upgraded polyester felting
* 19mm T&G cladding for enclosed area
* 50mm celotex insulation foam in the roof

Further to the build spec, the enclosure has been fitted with:
* indoor and outdoor lighting
* cooling fan
* heating fan
* heat-bar in each of the 3 separated sleeping areas
* waterfall feature
* vacuum cleaner
* cctv
* spare power sockets

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