6 Easy DIY Cat Toys for Ferrets

6 Easy DIY Cat Toys for Ferrets. This video is packed full of easy DIY toys for both ferrets and cats, since ferrets and cats enjoy a lot of the same toys.

The ferret and cat toys in this video can easily be made from simple items you probably already have at home, like toilet paper rolls, fleece blankets or fabric, shower curtain rings, needle and thread, and socks. You can even swap out the fleece in these DIY ferret and cat toys for an old t-shirt.

There are 6 easy DIY ferret and cat toys in this video.

1. A simple Pom Pom. I used yard, but you could use string if you didn’t have yarn around. The Pom Pom would turn out a little less fluffy, but your cat or ferret would still enjoy playing with it.

2. Is the Toy Mouse. Both my ferrets and cats love these. I add catnip to the one I make for the cats. These can be made with cotton fabric or an old t-shirt. You can stuff it with batting, catnip, paper, or rice. I would not recommend catnip or rice if making this for your ferret, but for cats those two fillers would be fine.

3. No Sew Sock Bunny. This is an easy fun ferret, cat, or even dog toy. I did not use any beads, or anything plastic because it’s a risk for the ferrets, but you could add buttons and other creative notions for the eyes and nose if you were making this for a cat or dog, as long as you animal doesn’t eat those kinds of item. You can also drawn, glue or sew on the eyes, nose, tail and mouth. Whichever method is best for you and your fur babies.

4. The spider ring. This is a simple Ferret and cat toy made using a ring of some kind. I used extra shower curtain rings, but I have also used a cookie cutter. You can also make a circle with fabric and tie strips if fabric to the fabric ring. Both my ferrets and cats love this. The ferrets like to play tug-a-war with it.

5. DIY No Sew Heart. This no sew plush heart can be made in any size . I made mine ferret and cat size, so about 6” wide. You can make this with an old t-shirt or with fleece or any other fabric. For the stuffing you could use batting, scraps of fabric or even paper, both ferrets and cats love crinkle toys and using paper to stuff it would make a great crinkle toy.

6. Classic TP Roll spider toy. This is a classic easy diy cat toy, but I learned after making it that ferrets love it too. All you need is an empty toilet paper roll and some scissors. You can add some fabric around the base if you want, but you ferrets or cats will love it with or without the fabric.

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