Amazing differences between CATS vs FERRETS as pets!

Cats and Ferrets are both GREAT pets, but they have many similarities and differences. This video runs though some of the key physical and behavioural things that differentiate pet cats from pet ferrets.

Its not a full guide as to which pet is right for you, but it sure might help! And in any event is packed with interesting facts that you may not have known.

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0:00 Intro
0:04 Evolution
0:19 Eyesight
0:56 Hearing
1:22 Smelling
2:04 Mouth
3:01 Reactions
3:30 Heat
3:50 Lifespan
4:10 Diet
4:35 Play
5:31 Agility
6:02 Stamina
6:35 Sleeping
7:11 Hygiene
7:43 Outro

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