AMERICAN MINK is a strong, voracious and fearless animal. Mink versus lynx, coyote, swan, fish

The AMERICAN MINK is a strong, voracious and fearless animal. Mink against lynx, coyote, swan, fish.
00:00 About american mink
00:30 mink lifestyle
02:15 mink vs muskrat
02:40 mink vs swan
03:05 mink vs fish
04:32 mink vs crab
04:40 mink vs lynx
05:39 mink vs coyote
06:30 Reproduction and development of mink
The American mink is a typical carnivore of the Mustelidae family. The animal looks like his European relative but somewhat surpasses his in size, including a longer tail, reaching 25 centimeters. The animal body length doesn’t exceed half a meter, the average weight of females is about a kilogram. And males can weigh more than 2 kilograms. The slender, light and incredibly flexible body of the animal is covered with thick dark brown fur, and there is a white spot on the lower lip. The European mink also has a white spot on the upper lip.
The historical homeland of the animal is North America, but since the 30s of the last century, the mink was brought to the USSR, and later to the countries of Europe and Asia. The American mink prefers to settle in forests and along the banks of small bodies of water, equipping a shelter in the immediate vicinity of water. Muskrat burrows, tree hollows and their fallen trunks are perfect for the role of a dwelling. Minks are very dexterous, cunning and inventive animals that also run fast, swim well and can dive to a depth of 4 meters. These abilities allow you to hunt a wide range of prey, such as rodents, amphibians, fish, and crustaceans.

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