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Have you started asking yourself, “are ferrets good pets?” Maybe you’re ready to commit to some small pets and have considered ferrets. Well, we’re here to lay some ferret facts on you and give you a few reasons why ferrets are good pets before you scurry on over to your nearest pet store to scoop up one of these cuties.

You probably thought that since ferrets are small pets, they wouldn’t be as much work as a dog or a cat. News flash, ferrets are just as much work. They’re like a combination of a dog and a cat. Ferrets require the same amount of attention as dogs but the maintenance of a cat, like litter boxes. While ferrets are a lot of work, their playful and curious behavior makes it all worth it. Speaking of curiosity, these little critters have tons of it. Before picking up one of these exotic pets, you’ll have to ferret-proof your home. If a ferret can fit their head into whatever their investigating, your little friend can fit their body too, which can put them in harm’s way.

You’ve probably seen plenty of funny ferret videos, and they’ve probably swayed your decision. But all of those active ferrets need attention and exercise every day. Ferrets should be allowed to roam outside of their cage for 2 to 3 hours every day so they can go on ferret adventures. So, the answer to “are ferrets good pets?” is: absolutely. They’re playful, loving and loyal, as long as you put in the time and effort required to take care of them. You can start by grabbing all of their ferret goodies at Chewy! f

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