Are Honey Badgers Big-Brained? | Weasels: Feisty & Fearless | BBC Earth

They may have a reputation for violence, but are these misunderstood creatures smarter than we realise?

Taken from Weasels: Feisty & Fearless with Robert Fuller


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Natural World: Weasels – Feisty & Fearless
Members of the weasel family are often portrayed as the villains of the natural world, but do they deserve this reputation? By following the adventures of a tiny orphaned weasel named Twiz, this film reveals the true nature of these pocket-sized predators, which relative to their size have a bite more powerful than a tiger’s. In Yorkshire, a unique garden rigged with over 50 cameras gives a rare insight into the dramatic life of a mother stoat as she tries to raise her first family. And new science uncovers the problem-solving abilities of the honey badger, the secrets behind the ferret’s legendary flexibility, and the remarkable sense of smell of the wolverine. Together, using their extraordinary skills, this feisty and fearless family have conquered the planet.

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