Armed To The Teeth | Rabbits vs Ferrets | Population Control

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“If it breeds or bleeds… we can kill it” From foxes to fleas, Andrew and his crew are experts of countryside pest control.

When a Gloucester farmer is at great danger of having his crops and livelihood ruined by them pesky wabbits, it’s time to call in the hired guns.

Knowing all the tricks of the trade, Andrew doesn’t take the slow and inefficient road of shooting the rabbits when they finally decide to pop out. Instead he uses the natural underground hunting instinct of ferrets to his advantage. Equipped with trackers and nets over the rabbit holes, the ferrets either kill the rabbits themselves and get dug out or they chase the rabbits into the nets where Andrew and his boys dispatch them.

It’s a gruesome job but it’s what has to be done to get the crops for your dinner… and the rabbit for theirs.

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