Brain Weasels : Live from the Wizard Hole

Live from the Wizard Hole, we have Brain Weasels performing the track “Happy Song”!

Brain Weasels are self described as a band with “pop sensibilities and harmonies, acoustic twee charm, a touch of punk grit, and clever, yet personal lyrics collide in tunes equally at home in a local coffee shop or Warped Tour 2007.” Brain Weasels consist of Elai Rose and Joy Sitler of Bowling Green, Ohio.

Elai is a songwriter with a passion for words whose lyrics are as witty as they are sincere. Rose, a regular soloist at open mic nights, brewery stages, and arts festivals, brings their warm voice and shimmering chords to new heights in Brain Weasels. Joy is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter previously seen playing bass in Paco is Desperate! and guitar in Adoremus. Their diverse background and formal training is on display as they venture into the spotlight with Rose and explore their newfound gender identity. Their commanding upright bass is the defining core of Brain Weasels’ sound.

Brain Weasels released their debut EP “Always on my Mind” through Beautiful Rat Records on October 4th, 2023 and is available on all streaming platforms.

This video was recorded at the tail end of Brain Weasels recent tour with fellow folk band Mango Tree, when both of them played the new Bowling Green house venue The Swarmyard. The Wizard Hole is a secret offshoot of the basement that while small in size, is large in its ability to amaze.

This video in particular also features the members of Mango Tree and Jacob Fowler of Beautiful Rat Records singing along to the final chorus 🙂

I want to thank Matt and Mario from Loonbase Studios for coming out to record and edit this video, and I want to thank Brain Weasels for coming out to play in the space!

You can follow Brain Weasels here:
Instagram: @brainweaselsband
YouTube: @brainweaselsband

You can follow Loonbase here:
Twitter: @loonbasestudios
Instagram: @loonbasestudios
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