Cute little animals – Cat, mink, Penguin, goat, Hedgehog, Cow, horse, Giraffe, – Animal sounds

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00:00 | Divergent – Gavin White
04:37 | Fun Of The Future – Fred Gear
09:43 | I Know He_s Got It – Charles Livingston
15:14 | Midnight And Mind – Charles Livingston
20:25 | Passionate And Call – Albert Ashley
25:35 | Salt and sugar – Calvin Fame

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No matter what type of animal lover you are, this video is sure to fascinate and delight you! We’ll take you on a journey through the animal kingdom and show you some of the most amazing animal sounds ever recorded.
From the plaintive meow of a cat to the trumpeting of an elephant, this video is a must-watch for animal lovers everywhere!
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