DCS World – First In Weasels Over Syria – Gauntlet Ops

A quick video showcasing a brand new feature that will be accessible from mission 1 of FIWOS – Gauntlet Ops. Plus a slight update on what I’ve been up to this week, apologies to all your ears 😉

Gauntlet Ops is a series of simple but challenging objective based mini missions, which when selected at mission start will override mission 1 and instead randomly choose the player a target from a list built into the mission. This will initially be 10 targets at launch, but it is very simple to expand the target list and considerably more will be added over time.

Gauntlet Ops will offer a different experience to the main campaign and allows players to dive straight into the full detailed Syrian air defense network built into the missions, with points available to purchase different supporting elements such as Growlers, Wild Weasels or CAPs to assist you in making it to the target and back alive. You will also be able to freely change your loadout and will offer a great practice environment to hone your Wild Weasel skills for the main campaign.

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