Dren608 plays Kenshi – SE2 Ep. 61 From W.E. part way to Stoat

Designed and Published by LO-FI Games
Available on Steam
1.0.55 version is what this started out with

A series of videos exploring this “sandbox” type CRPG. Raising Stats and accomplishing things are done in a non-standard way. It makes you think about what you are trying to accomplish and there is no Real story to follow just whatever you deem the story line should be.

So the story I initially told was Rebuilding the Hub, getting it’s technology as High as I can and make it self sustaining. This will be “season 2” of my Kenshi journey. We are now out to find the Rest of the Secrets in the ruins of the land and ultimately decide how much of an impact we will be in this world

We will see if the Greenlander Dren608 can survive and find the lost secrets of Kenshi. Then decide what to do with this knowledge. There will be parts of the videos or even whole videos on the things I find out how to do. I will be skipping through “grind” portions where all you are doing is a repetitive set of tasks with no real decisions or explorations, etc. such as money runs to sell many bandanas. I will usually describe the actions I will be taking and then go off line to grind them out.

I am trying to “chapter” mark these videos to let people see things in particular they want.

0:00 Recap, plans a inventory review
9:15 Reassemble squad
11:30 head out – long travel segment
20:45 pauses for dialogue checks as we travel
22:45 Dialogue with UC Samurai patrol
24:25 Check “ravaged” hamlet
26:10 check Guard Outpost
27:30 HN and UC fight, HN chases us (Shek and Skeletons freak them out)
28:00 HN patrol meets it’s end by us – not much of a fight
30:00 Battle over Reputation check, move along
31:00 Quick damage review as we travel, heal up when we stop
33:30 Checking food situation, reload some archers,
34:50 Review, rambling, future plans, Sign off

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