FELLAS, is it 𝓖𝓐𝓨 to kiss ur homies? ✨🌈 DRAMAtical Murder – Part 1

KHEE PLAYING DMMD IN 2023?! More likely than you think… it’s time to dive into the 𝔂π“ͺ𝓸𝓲 game that tΜΆrΜΆaΜΆuΜΆmΜΆaΜΆtΜΆiΜΆzΜΆeΜΆdΜΆ *ahem* shaped a generation!
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Content Warning from DMMD’s game page⚠️Contains mature themes that include violence, torture, sex, sexual assault, drug use and gore. All characters, models, and other persons that appear in sexual situations are at least eighteen years of age or older

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