Ferret Bite Training, How I Train (Ferret Business #50)

Ferret bite training, how I train. Ferret business ep 50

This is a different kind of video than I normally do but I have seen many ferret owners having the issue of their ferret biting. I thought I would make this video to show how I trained my ferrets so it might help someone else. Most ferrets will go through the stage of biting and it is important to train them not to. Biting is normal for a ferret as this is how they play with other ferrets.
In my state if a ferret bites someone and doesn’t have its rabies shots up to date the ferret can be taken from you and put down and studied to make sure the person bitten is ok from a rabies bite. So make sure that you have yearly shots by your vet.
I hope this video can help someone with a ferret that bites. Thanks for watching and have a great day. Sorry my speaking isn’t very good but I’m not used to speaking in front of a camera.

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Although ferrets are a lot of fun, they are not a good pet for young children. It takes a lot of time and care to have a ferret! Ferrets are not good for young children as there can be accidents resulting in a ferret dying or a child getting bit or hurt. Ferrets need an exotic vet and shots every year. A lot of cost goes into owning a ferret. Please do your research and take this into consideration before getting a ferret for a pet!

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This video was made for a general audience so therefore is marked as not for kids.

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