Ferret BREEDER Diary – #3 Kit Development Birth to 6 Weeks

This is the third video in our Diary of a Ferret Breeder series. This covers the development of the kits as they progress from birth upto 6 weeks old.

Part 1: The Mating Process E
Part 2: Pregnancy and Birth Y
Part 3: Kit Development upto 6 weeks (THIS VIDEO)

In part 2 we spoke of another jill “Mushroom” who had birth complications and the kits died. For those wondering, she recovered and is now happy and well, and does like to help out with Chilli’s kits occasionally!

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0:00 Intro
0:14 Birth week
0:50 1 Week Old
3:00 2 Weeks Old
3:52 3 Weeks Old
5:15 4 Weeks Old
6:39 5 Weeks Old
8:17 6 Weeks Old
9:54 Outro

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