Ferret Health : How to Test Ferret Blood Glucose for INSULINOMA

Want to take good care of ferret health? This is CRUCIAL as ferrets age. Find out if your ferret is at risk for Insulinoma by testing your ferret’s blood glucose levels at home using this easy and fast technique with the AlphaTrak 2 (not sponsored).

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Insulinoma Symptoms and Treatment: /

DISCLAIMER: After you have pricked the toe, do not squeeze or pinch in an attempt to get more blood out, as this may push out lymphatic fluid and distort your reading. Instead, squeeze and “milk” the paw well before you prick to increase hydrostatic pressure (increasing blood flow).

From the American Ferret Association:
“Three conditions that are often related and can be helped with similar care are insulinoma, pancreatic tumors & hypoglycemia. Insulinoma is caused by the growth of small, usually benign, tumors on the pancreas. Hypoglycemia is usually caused by a lack of food – also known as low blood sugar. The symptoms of insulinoma are the same as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Low blood sugar symptoms (increasing in severity):
β€œStaring” into space (star-gazing)
Staggering/hind end weakness
Extremely limp body/passed out (speed-bumping)
Moaning/crying aloud
Clenched teeth/locked jaw

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🎬 How to Test Ferret Blood Glucose for INSULINOMA
0:00 – Introduction
0:27 – Supplies to Test Ferret Blood Glucose
1:35 – How to Set Up AlphaTrak 2
2:07 – How to prepare your AlphaTrak 2 SUPPLIES to be ready
4:17 – When to test your ferret’s blood glucose levels
5:06 – How to get a good blood glucose sample from your ferret
7:18 – Keep a record of your results
7:33 – What is a normal number for ferret blood glucose?
8:15 – How to dispose of dirty needle and test strips
8:58 – Come problems when taking ferret blood glucose
10:10 – How often should I test my ferret’s blood glucose?
10:50 – What is insulinoma in ferrets?
11:25 – Outro and remarks

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