FERRET in Action! Facts about Fast and agile Ferret terrifies snakes, rabbits and squirrels

The fastest and most agile of the mustelid family – the ferret in action! Ferret versus squirrel, rabbits and gophers. Ferret vs rat. Ferret versus cat, dog, snake.
Today I invite you to look at this agile masked animal, and it’s not a raccoon. A fast member of the weasel family and a very close relative of the weasel and ermine. Today we will look at the ferret in action. Get comfortable and let’s get started!
What do we need to know about ferrets? At the very least, they are different. For example, two types of ferrets live in Russia: the forest ferret (also known as dark) and the steppe ferret (also known as light). There are also domestic ferrets, which were artificially bred and are a subspecies of the forest ferret. There is also a furo, an albino forest ferret. He was depicted in Leonardo da Vinci’s painting Lady with an Ermine. The third and last species is the American or black-footed ferret, which lives where you think? In the North American continent! Looks like we got it right. An interesting story turned out with the American ferret. By 1937, he was completely exterminated in Canada, and in America he became an endangered species. However, in the 1980s, the last known wild population of 18 animals was caught, and they began to use it to restore numbers. And now you can often see how caring people raise and return ferrets to their natural habitat. And if someone from the ferret family doubts, then it can be transported like that.
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