Ferrets Meet a Kitten for the 1st Time

Care should always be taken when introducing new pets to your old pets. While it’s common for a cat to get along with ferrets, it’s not always the case. For example, our 17 year old cat, Midnight, does not really like the ferrets. They have learned to coexist peacefully and just ignore each other, but they will never play together. We are hoping that with starting with Loki at a young age (8 weeks old), that he will enjoy being around the ferrets.

If you have any doubt in reading animal behavior, it’s always best to play it safe, and not allow them to interact. In this video, you will see one of our ferrets, Winky, playing with Loki the kitten; but it can easily be interpreted as fighting. Similarly, it could be easy to mistake a fight as playing, which could be a disaster. We have owned 5 different ferrets over the last 5 years, and we have learned that Winky always plays the most “aggressively”. There are times that even his brothers want to disengage playing with him.

We just want to show our journey of introducing our kitten, Loki, to our Ferrets. This is not intended to be a tutorial of introducing a cat to ferrets.

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We are Fred and Liz Comai. We are best friends who have been married since 2009, and have been camping together for just as long. We started as simple weekend-warriors, camping with just our 2 dogs on the weekends. Now we are full-time RVers with a cat, 2 dogs, 3 ferrets, and 3 parrots, living in our 27 foot Travel Trailer. We love adventure, and we love our pets!
We want to show YOU how to Live Life with Your Pets!

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