Yay ferret content!! Finally! Thought I would kick it off with my morning ferret routine. This is my daily routine and this routine is what any ferret owner should be doing at least once a day! I hope this helps you decide if a ferret is right for you!
Litter can be found at feed stores or TSC, or similar place. This is what it is though, it will be about $7 in store: l
Cordless Vacuum: (can’t find the one I have, I think it’s been upgraded but here are other options) B
New Fancy Shark Cordless: U
Wet Dry Handheld Vac: g

The vlog camera I use: N
Where I buy my dog food/Rabbit/Small animal food: z
Shop my FAV pet items: y
😍 Save 10% off on feeders: W
Get $100 in delivery credit when you sign up with Postmates! D

* I am not a vet, nor certified in anything to do with animals. I’m just a human who loves animals more than other humans who does the absolute best she can researching, setting up enclosures etc. I am human, therefore I do make mistakes. Have a suggestion? Let me know! All I ask is that you give that suggestion as kindly as you’d want to receive one. Always do your OWN research and make up your own mind. When it comes to caring for animals, there are many ways to do things and not everyone agrees on it. Let’s give our animals the absolute best life we can. Please contact your VET if your animal is sick, or surrender the animal to someone who can. I cannot cure, diagnose or help your animal.


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Morphe ► KRISTEN

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
Camera I use for photos and filming:
Camera for selfies and vlogging:
Westcott T

FTC: Some of the links above are affiliate links which I make a small percentage of sales through. You do not have to use these links, but if you’d like to, you’re more than welcome to! Anything I can help you save is a win for me! I do not endorse products or brands that I do not wholly support and believe in the quality of.

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