Ferrets Playing in Water

Ferrets Playing in Water – my ferrets love love love to play in water. They don’t love baths but they love to get wet and dump over their water bowl. I started letting them play in the bathtub with the water lightly running, now they want to play in the bathtub every day and night. I usually take my ferrets out of their room to play twice a day, once while I get ready for work and again after I get home. It’s so important for ferrets to be around people or at least their human who cares for them. While my ferrets have free run of an entire bedroom, they still need to spend time with me and our family. The ferrets wait at the door every morning and every night at the same time because they know I am coming to let them out.

I hope you enjoy my sweet ferrets playing in water! Also be sure to check these funny ferret videos: />
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