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It’s Jaf Jefferson’s day in the pigeon hide. Best-known as a ferreter, Jaf loves the summer sport of decoying, and David joins him to find out why. It’s a story that goes back to Jaf’s grandfather. Meanwhile, Tom Davies is stalking on Dartmoor and avoiding the tourists that are such a feature of Britain’s national parks for a few weeks every summer. And can you tell the difference between a tiger, leopard and bear attack? Rajeev Mathew can. He explains what to look for. We are giving away an Accumax airgun priced at £150. David is on the news stump, and James Marchington has the best hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain
Here are the links to the individual items in this week’s show:

▶ Pigeonshooting
For Jaf’s YouTube channel, go to 2

▶ Fieldsports News s
Hen harrier success on grousemoors – />Scottish Water mealy-mouthed on grouse shooting – 0
Stags under threat from Scottish government – d
Cumbria police drug tests shooters – d
Trophy ban has ‘less than 10% chance’ of becoming law – l
Swedes shoot 120 bears in a day – + bear hunting /
Dutch hunters launch court case over shooting ban – /
Trades union threatens strike over shooting ban – 0
NRA hits out at Biden gun shop ban – l
Carpy controversy over automatic fish hooker – />
▶ Dartmoor deerstalking
For Pulsar in the UK, visit k
Find Tom on Instagram s

▶ Animal attacks

▶ Other links
Danum Blades + our film about Danum Blades 4
Accumax S1 airgun
.410 Championship at EJ Churchill on 28 August 2023. Entries are £59. Call 01494 883227. Thanks to ASI which is donating ten free entries for under-15s who are accompanied by a paying adult. Please say if you would like to bring an under-15.
Rovince 10% discount e
Bob Kahn hip flask k
Had problems with newspapers over hunting or shooting? /
Poke Packham Auctions page s
Packham case e

▶ Hunting YouTube
For the films in this week’s Hunting YouTube, go to our playlist Hunting YouTube, episode 717: />
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