From Newbie to Expert: Essential Chicken Keeping Tips and Strategies Part 1

Ready to crack the code on chicken care? Join us for a fascinating look at poultry management with poultry experts Rip Stalvey, Mandolin Royle, and John Gunterman as we break down the complexities of pastured versus cooped birds, predator threats, and weather considerations. Whether you’re a seasoned chicken keeper or a newbie, our conversation promises to equip you with effective breeding strategies, insights on electric fencing, and training birds to steer clear of potential dangers.

As the cold weather sets in, are your chickens ready? Our second chapter brings the heat, focusing on cold weather chicken care. From proper ventilation and insulation to understanding how different breeds tolerate the cold, we’ve got your coop covered! We also concerns of various heating systems, feed intake, brooding boxes, and predator protection strategies. So, whether you’re battling winter woes or just planning ahead, this episode is a must-listen for anyone serious about keeping their flock happy, healthy, and productive. Join us for a chat that’s as informative as it is lively!

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