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Much Ado about D&D w/special guest Grim Jim
Episode 122 Streamed Live Tuesday January 17, 2022

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Main Topic: Much Ado About D&D w/Special Guest- Grim Jim

Grim details his background from picking up Fighting Fantasy adventure books at the tender age of 8 to running his own independent game company Postmortem Studios: /

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Blog: /

Grim’s latest is Wightchester: Prison City of the Damned
PDF – 9
Print Book – e

We then get in to some history of the OGL and discuss the latest shenanigans at Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast.

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Our Dungeon23 project is bumped to next week

Random Geek-itude
Report from Big Geek Land
Dungeon 23 Report
Taigon’s Falls Update (Big Geek Adventures)- Draft 1B sent to my editor!!!
Giveaway 2.0- the Double Whammy Giveaway! (thanks to the generosity of Martenson!)

The 2nd Giveaway of the Year Announcement…well sort of
If you can win your choice of TWO of the following fabulous prizes:
1.) C&C’s Monsters & Treasures by Troll Lord Games
2.) Cardboard heroes Castles- the Keep by SJ games
3.) Legends & Lairs: Mythic Races – (DnD 3e) by Fantasy Flight Games
4.) Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG (BETA) by Fantasy Flight Games

Guess the number of official 3.5 roleplaying game books by Wizards of the Coast that Randy currently owns in print. Consider only: core books, supplements, sourcebooks, and modules.

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