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I’m currently looking after five rescued stoat kits, and after a few months of rehabilitation, they’re doing well. This film follows the story of how they grew from tiny vulnerable kits to strong and healthy adolescents.

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The first stoat kit to arrive here at my home in Yorkshire, UK, was Dash, a young male stoat found abandoned on a footpath near Wakefield. After plenty of care and nutritious food, he grew fast. But stoats are social creatures and need to grow up as part of a litter.

Lucky Henry, Socks & Bumble!

So it was a happy moment when three more stoats were handed in from Norfolk in the South East of England.

Stoat rehabilitation

I’ve been working with rescued stoats for years, and I’ve developed a method to give the youngsters the best start in life. Read more about how I do this here: /

Dash is too rough

Unfortunately, Dash is about two weeks older than the others and it soon becomes obvious that he can’t be kept with them. I decide to move him into an outdoor enclosure where he can at least see and smell them, if not play.


It’s really important for these stoats to play and they seem to get on as well as if they were a real family. Other than putting food in, I don’t visit them, to reduce their contact with humans. I want them to grow up as wild as possible!


Just as the three stoat kits get used to one another, a new addition is handed in. She seems shy at first, checking out her new surroundings, but is quickly accepted by her foster siblings and after a lot of fun they soon curls up to sleep together as a family unit.

Time to release

It’s so great to see all the stoats getting on so well! I plan to give them the best chance at a wild upbringing and so it won’t be long before I release them.


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