How to Clip Your Ferrets Nails – Tutorial

Cutting a ferrets finger nails is a part of regular routine ferret care and maintenance. Although it can be an intimidating task, it is a necessary one. For me, safety is the number one reason I cut my ferrets nails. It is essential in preventing them from getting their nails caught on items such as blankets, toys,and cage liners.

There are a few ways or methods for cutting a ferrets nails, but in this video I will only be showing the method I use, which requires the ferret to lay on their back. So, if your ferret does not or will not lay on their back, or if they become stressed. This may not be the best method for you and your ferret and I recommend looking into an alternative way to cut your ferrets nails. You can even have your vets office cut your ferrets nails. I believe it is fairly inexpensive.

I cut my ferrets nails every 2-3 weeks depending on how long their nails are. I have been doing this with them since they were young, about 12 weeks old. It takes me approximately 10-15 minutes to cute all four of my ferrets nails. They are very use to it which makes this task much easier, on them and on me. The earlier you start cutting your ferrets nails, the better. The more often you cut their nails, the more accustomed to the process they become. Which makes this task safer and easier for you and your ferret(s).

I use the following items when cutting my ferrets nails:
1. a soft blanket or towel
2. Ferret tone or Salmon oil
3. a pair of small animal scissors or trimmers

In the video I will discuss how far up to cut and how to avoid cutting the quick (blood vessel) in your ferrets nails. If you do accidently cut the quick, don’t freak out. Breath and remain calm. You can prepare ahead of time by going to your local pet store or online and buying a medicated powder made specifically for this purpose. The medicine will help stop and/or slow down the bleeding. Cornstarch can also be used if you accidently cut your ferrets quick and will achieve similar results.

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