How to Train Your Ferret : Interview with The Trained Ferret

Want to learn how to train your ferret? In today’s interview I speak with my friend @thetrainedferret to learn how to think like a ferret and ultimately become a better animal trainer! Thanks so much for joining me today, dear friend!

Meet the creator behind the Youtube channel ‘The Trained Ferret’, which currently has almost 30,000 subscribers. Because of her high profile ferret training channel, Courtnie and her ferret Joey were recruited to audition for America’s Got Talent. Joey appeared in several North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association Commercials, and was photographed for an advertisement for Home Depot. Courtnie is also currently a part of the American Ferret Association Education committee.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:19 – Background of The Trained Ferret
7:58 – Starting her Youtube channel
9:10 – Experience with America’s Got Talent
1:18 – Background of The Trained Ferret
12:35 – Her NEW Ferret!
15:15 – What tricks does Simon know?
16:26 – What is clicker training?
17:04 –Practicing clicker training on Haley
22:49 –The truth about training
23:57 – Common training complaints
24:12 – Which tricks to start with
26:25 – Potty training tips
29:23 – How to start training TODAY
32:15 – Frequently asked training questions
33:33 – Why we are here
35:40 – How to find The Trained Ferret on Youtube

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