I filled a pool with packing peanuts for my ferrets

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0:00 – intro
0:46 – tractor supply
2:08 – office depot
2:45 – survived the depot
3:00 – peanut unboxing
3:40 – meet the little guys
4:35 – time for the pool of peanuts
7:37 – slow motion slinky cat pool party
8:00 – AG1
9:08 – more silly long rat peanut shenanigans
9:58 – conclusion
10:34 – bonus content
11:02 – outro

Music used:
►Henkki – A night at Grillby’s (Undertale Lo-fi mixtape)
►Dj Cutman – LoFi Hip Shop
►Leaflet – Undertale Shop ~ Lofi Remix

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