I’d love a weasel or stoat in game 😍 #minecraft #minecraftbuild #shorts

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Hey! I am May! I am a variety game streamer playing The Sims4, Spyro, Kingdom Hearts, Stardew Valley, Civilization 6, Down The Rabbit Hole and more!

This is an 18+ stream
Please English Only
Be Respectful
No Politics or Religious Chat
No Spamming
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No Age Chat
No Backseating
No Pet Names

Content Creators: I would love to support you, but also ask that you respect my streaming space. If you see something on stream and want to know how its done, please feel free to ask! If I can answer on stream I will! You can also join the Discord and there is a space just for us to chat about all things content! Please do not join my chat just to promote your own live stream.

If you act like a bot, you will be banned. Help everyone enjoy the stream and don’t be a jerk!

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