INSANE Ferret Fun! SPOILING My Cute Pet Ferrets

Official Cuteness Disclaimer – This video contains lots of ferret war dancing and dooking (the official word for their playful vocalizations) which may lead to increased smiles and a desire to fill your life with ferrets.

Please remember that ferrets, although very cute and fun, require daily play, a special diet, and should not be regarded as an easy or disposable pet. If you’re interested in ferrets as pets, scroll down to my suggest video of how to care for pet ferrets.

NEVER leave your ferrets unattended with children or other animals.

In this video I decided to spoil my ferrets by filling a whole room full of packing peanuts! Ferrets are super playful and I love to give them new ways to enjoy epic play time, and this seemed like a great idea!

My ferrets, Dobby and Niffler, are playing with bio degradable packing peanuts made from corn.

ALWAYS supervise your ferrets as they play, and never let them ingest or play with anything which can easily be swallowed or cause harm.

If you have any requests for things you’d like to see Dobby and Niffler play with, leave a comment below and don’t forget to spoil your pets!

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