It’s not just Hunts that hate Foxes – #shorts

It’s not just hunts that hate foxes. The shooting industry despise them and they’ve been waging a war on them across the country.

Every year thousands of foxes are killed, all to ‘protect’ pheasant, partridges, and grouse until they are shot dead for fun…

Over this coming year we will be working hard to show everyone that no matter what your wildlife interests are – from getting rid of snares and traps to loving foxes or birds – we should all be united in taking down a vile industry that is responsible for so much suffering, cruelty, and death in our countryside.

We’re now close to ending illegal fox hunting for good. Ending the bird shooting industry will be a long hard fight, one that’s really only just beginning, but together we will do it.

Narration by Sam Carter

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