LIVE: 2 Rescue Pups, 1 Pregnant Squirrel “Minnie” Due Jan 4th, & Male Owl “Rusty”. Dallas Texas

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NEW! Pregnant Squirrel Moving In w
Patty Returned! NEW VIDEO: w
Part 2 of return NEW VIDEO 8

New VIDEO May 20, 2023 Squirrel Released! Y

NEW VIDEO April 27, 2023 Patty’s first day in cage w
NEW VIDEO April 24, 2023 Squirrel’s Injury and Recovery w
NEW VIDEO April 28, 2023 Patty Cashing a Nut U
Detailed pics of cage April 25, 2023 z
NEW PICTURES April 21, of PATRICIA at Rehab E
NEW VIDEO April 12, Squirrels have moved out! A
NEW CUTE PICS From last month: N

The current “squirrel” box was originally set up for Screech Owls in January 2022. A pair of screech owls moved in January 2022. They had four eggs, but none of them hatched. Eventually the two owls abandoned the nest. For about three months there were just the occasional screech owl visitor at night and squirrel visitor during the day. One day I was checking the cameras in early September 2022 and I saw two young sleeping squirrel pups in the box! I looked through the saved video and found the mom had moved the two pups in on September 6, 2022.

September 6, 2022 Momma squirrel moving in her two kids
I started streaming live September 18th 2022.

In early January I moved the “squirrel” box to its current North location and put up a second box in the South tree for owls.

If you have any suggestions or comments please add them to one of the videos I linked above. I read all comments and will answer any questions.

NEW VIDEO April 9, Both Squirrels Leave Nest! I
NEW VIDEO April 3, Release of Squirrel: 4
NEW VIDEO April 3, Squirrel Fell Out of Tree: g

NEW VIDEO March 29, Owl Chattering I

NEW VIDEO March 28, Young Squirrels Exploring Tree: U

Feb 27, 2023 Owl Laid Egg #2! 0
Feb 17, 2023: Owl Laid an Egg! p

VIDEO Jan 28, 2023 Squirrel Babies Being Born c

VIDEO Jan 16, 2023 Owl Highlights c

VIDEO Jan 7, 2023 Owls Courting c
VIDEO Dec 23-24 Freeze Bonnie w

NEW VIDEO Dec 13, 2022 Squirrels in Rain Storm E

PICS of Neil November 3, 2022 N

PICS of Edmund & Neil November 1, 2022 X
VIDEO: October 30, 2022 8

Mother: Bonnie c
Dad: Clyde h
Neil in tree: A
Adventurous male pup: Neil g
Cautious male pup: Edmund g
Box Nest In Tree: g
Natural nest “drey” in adjacent tree.
Clyde and Neil: 4
Fox Squirrel Stretching: g
Family coming home and mom barking: U
Neil: h
Bonnie: T

September 6, 2022 Momma squirrel moving in her two kids

For the outside camera I am using a Reolink RLC-811A, About $120. Inside the box is a no brand/no name PoE (Power over Ethernet) IP Camera. I paid around $60 including shipping from China. I tried to use open-source free software but in the end i used the free Chinese software they provided. There was no brand name for the camera. But you see 50 different (or more) places selling these and similar ones. They are focused for 3 feet to infinity. You have to open them up to adjust the lens for about 8″ to 16 inches like how mine is focused in the box. The resolution i run mine at is 2560×1440 at 25 frames per second. I do plan on in the future making a video showing the compete set up.

Not sure if this link will work to a picture of the inside camera: g

The easiest way to get started is to buy a WIRED PoE security camera system like Reolink sells. (I have no affiliation with Reolink.) For around $400 you can get a pretty good system.


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