LIVE Badger Feeding Station – Cornwall UK – Badgers & Bird Watching 24/7

🦡 Welcome to the Woodland Feeding Platform located in Cornwall UK. We have a large range of species that visit the table and you can even spot our 4 resident badgers who visit during the night. The table was installed in may 2021 and since then has attracted many species of birds being in the heart of the woodland. We have seen everything from Bullfinches to nuthatches to Jays. The platform gives us an insight to what species there are in the woodland and we hope you enjoy watching. 🦡

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🌻What food is being used?🌻
Sunflower hearts
Suet balls
Suet pellets

Our own badger mix

💬Commands : type these in chat to read a little more about our wildlife.

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What will you see: Badgers (stumpy, little one, sandy and our 3 new baby badgers) foxes, robins, blue tit, long tailed tit, deer, bullfinch, dunnock, woodpecker, squirrels, green finch, gold finches, nuthatch, chaffinch, blackbirds, great tit, jay, Coal tit, wood pigeon.

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