Martens The Most Strategic And Fearless Hunters Of All Time

Martens are nocturnal, elusive, shy, and extremely intelligent, and let’s not forget cute. But they are also predatory animals that can kill considerably larger snowshoe hares and marmots. Have you ever seen a Marten in action? If you haven’t, you should watch, as we look at martens, the most strategic and fearless hunters of all time.

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A pine marten is about the same size as a domestic cat. It is distinguished from its mustelid cousins by its heart-shaped face, large brown eyes, slim sinuous body, a rich chestnut-brown coat that darkens in the summer, colorful apricot-colored bib, and long tail, bushy in the winter. A pine marten hunting a red squirrel was spotted during a winter visit to Yellowstone National Park by some tourists. The chase lasted over 45 minutes and was enthralling to watch. The marten is quick, but the squirrel knows its way around and runs in all directions to confuse the marten. They must be so dizzy running around this tree trunk like that. This is incredible to watch, and the agility displayed by the squirrel is mind-boggling. According to the filmmakers, the squirrel made it out alive. That’s nice to hear, for a change. A sadistic man killed a squirrel and nailed the animal to this tree to see what the marten would do. The marten was unable to retrieve the squirrel, so it licked the blood off its head and went back to eating some dates. It eventually took the squirrel away. The Marten and squirrel played a game of cat-and-mouse for 20 minutes. Squirrels are extremely intelligent and use everything in their arsenal to escape attacks. This pine marten is munching on a squirrel’s head. The head almost looks like a walnut in the marten’s mouth.


These martens have taken over a carcass that may have been this jungle cat. The cat looks troubled but decides to leave, nonetheless while the martens are digging into the carcass. This dead squirrel carcass was wrapped around bramble and a camera was set up to see if the goshawk would return. The goshawk did return, and 15 minutes later, a marten showed up. The marten eventually freed the carcass but returned later that night, as well as a fox. A pine marten eats through a deer carcass it finds at night.

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