Mickey Mouse Funhouse Season 1 Full Episodes! | 140 Minute Compilation | @disneyjunior

Check out these full episodes from Mickey Mouse Funhouse Season 1!

0:00:00 Season 1 Episode 1: Mickey the Brave
Mickey, Minnie, and their friends are playing Knights and Dragons when they start wondering, are dragons good or bad? To find out, Funny takes them to the Kingdom of Majestica.

0:24:00 Season 1 Episode 21: Pirate Adventure
Legendary pirate Captain Salty Bones invites Mickey, Minnie, and friends to join the biggest treasure hunt ever and see if they can be true pirates!

0:54:53 Season 1 Episode 19 Part 2: Mickey and Minnie: On Ice!
Minnie asks Mickey to learn ice dancing with her, but Mickey is nervous.

1:07:12 Season 1 Episode 18 Part 2: Mickey Meets Rocket Mouse!
Mickey’s hero, Rocket Mouse, invites Mickey and friends to join his team of mouse-stronauts on a great adventure!

1:19:30 Season 1 Episode 16 Part 2: Mermaids to the Rescue
Octo-Pete invites Mickey and friends to The Big Seahorsey Show in Underwater Ocean World.

1:31:50 Season 1 Episode 9 Part 2: Minnie’s Fairy Tale!
When Minnie transforms into a fairy, she has trouble finding her talent.

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Mickey Mouse, and his friends – Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy and Pluto – have a new friend! Funny, an enchanted talking playhouse, who takes them on adventures to unique worlds that inspire the imagination.

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