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I now have a total of four adorable rescued stoats to take care of. Three new stoat kits were brought in last week, bringing the total I have in at the moment to four. A kind couple, Luke and Jamey, collected the rescued stoat kits and drove up all the way from Norfolk for me. Watch as I place them in their new enclosure here.

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Two males & one female

The new stoats are all about seven weeks old and have already been named. They are: ‘Bumble’, a female, ‘Socks’, a male, and ‘Lucky Henry’ another male who has been named after the young boy who found him.

Join Wakefield stoat

The new kits join the male I rescued from Wakefield a few weeks ago who is now around nine weeks old. I won’t put them in with him now as he is a little old and may be a bit rough with them, but they will go into an outdoor enclosure next to his soon so they will be able to see one another but not touch.

Stoat rescue

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