Musteloidea: A Super Family of Adorable Carnivores

Mustelids are some of the most heartwarming creatures on the planet. Mustelidae contains 8 subfamilies and roughly 60 species including weasels, martens, otters, badgers and the wolverine. It is the largest family within the order Carnivora and is part of Musteloidea, a superfamily of weasels that also contains the red panda, raccoons and skunks. In this guide, we’ll explore each subfamily, where they’re located and the species found therein.

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00:42 Weasels, Ferrets, Mink… | Mustelinae
02:16 Otters | Lutrinae
03:44 Grisons, Polecats & Weasels | Ictonychinae
04:44 Wolverine, Martens… | Guloninae
05:55 Ferret badgers | Helictidinae
06:14 Badgers & Hog Badgers | Melinae
07:18 Honey Badger | Mellivorinae
08:05 American Badger | Taxidiinae
09:06 Racoons, Olingos, Coatis… | Procyonidae
10:32 Red Pandas | Ailuridae
11:20 Skunks | Mephitidae

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