New Outdoor Play Area: Testing Ways to let my Ferrets Play Outside

I have been trying to find a new outdoor play area for the ferrets and testing ways to let them play outside.

I was a bit skeptical about this DIY Small Animal Playpen, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was pretty sturdy and the ferrets were not able to escape. It definitely works great for giving them a big space to run around and play. Although, I personally would NOT use this as a cage, and I would NEVER leave them outside unattended in something like this.

The large clear tube/tunnel in the video is from MotorCityFerrerts on Etsy. o

I got the playpen in this video off Amazon. I purchased two 24 packs. One pack was the solid panels and one pack was the metal panels. The product is called LANGXUN DIY Small Animal Playpen.

LANGXUN Metal panels: U

LANGXUN Black Solid Panels: M

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