Operation Persian Freedom A-10C II Campaign | 10 Halil Valley Pt 3 | DCS #4k

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Welcome to my playthough of the DCS Operation Persian Freedom Campaign for the A-10C II Warthog. This is the first in Ground Pounder’s series, and I was blown away by First In Weasels Over Syria so I’m excited to see how this goes.

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Soul Thief: N
The Blind Shaper: G
Deathless: 7

PC Specs:
Gigabyte GTX4090
Intel i7 13000K
Played at 4k

Take care and be kind,

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0:00 Briefing
0:42 First Tasking
6:57 Hounding The Retreat
12:30 Airfield Strike
19:59 Bandit
25:37 Outro

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