Our Stoat Family – The Lady Is A Tramp – The Red Shed

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The Lady Is A Tramp was recorded at ‘The Red Shed’ with Alan Haughton on piano, Dirk Griffin on bass and Bobby Ore on drums.

During ‘lockdown’ a stoat family made their home under our deck. They are beautiful little fury funny creatures and a joy to watch. Erynn of course wanted to make them into pets until she saw them running back to the deck with baby bunnies hanging out of their mouths…. they are serious hunters but how amazing that we were privileged to watch them especially as stoats are native to North America and thank goodness their fur is no longer fashionable! Anyway, whilst editing the stoat footage with Erynn I was listening and fiddling with EQ on this recording of The Lady is a Tramp and I kept hearing “ermine and pearls” and I’m thinking ermine, what’s ermine? Isn’t it a kind of stoat? You’ll get my thought process (hopefully) because of course I decided to put them together because it was meant to be and QUIRKY like me! Hope you enjoy T H E S T O A T S and The Lady is a Tramp and please share it far and wide to anyone else you think may enjoy it!

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