Philip J. Stoatfrost [WCOC thingy]

[EDIT: I’m allowing JJJacksfilms to possibly make a react to this video and give critique on it, so to very that I’m the creator of the video, I’m editing the word JJJreact in the description. I don’t really get enough critique, so I wanted a chance at getting some. If you’d like to know more, here’s a link to JJJacksfilms’ video: />
I felt like making something out of summore of my Warriors OCs. I’m not going to explain everything about them all, just the important parts.

See, Mudstar (the short-furred brown-spotted tom) grew up in a bad time for MothClan, for their leader at the time (Glacierstar, who’s not in the video) was a cat who only wanted to do things his way, and if any cat objected, they were either punished or “were killed in some accident” outside camp. During this time, one of his only sources of comfort came from his sister Stoatpaw (the brown spirit cat at the end), who too disagreed with the leader’s decisions and way of going about things. They’d always vent to eachother about whatever happened that day, and how they wished they could do something about it. Which is why he took her death so hard. Oh, he had parents who would be there for him of course, but when it came to cats his age? He didn’t really know who he could trust. His other sister Minkshadow was an adamant supporter of Glacierstar and would gladly rat anyone out if she heard they had a problem with his decisions. After Stoatpaw’s death, he was pretty much alone. Eventually, Glacierstar was no longer around to make such feeling necessary. He moved on, got new friends, and started a life with his mate Winterflower (the mother cat in the video). But he never forgot about his late sister.
Eventually, the couple had kits of their own: Raggedflower (the brown-spotted kit) and Stoatfrost (the white kit). As you could guess by her name and the audio, Mudstar named her after his sister. Although she doesn’t look much like her aunt, those dark green eyes of hers reminded Mudstar too much of someone who was no longer there (which is why he was shocked when Stoatfrost opened her eyes).

The characters, art, and story are mine.
Audio from Futurama S3 Ep 10, The Luck of the Fryrish: />
As much as I wish the choice of audio was intentional (as in I kinda wish this episode did inspire the story), I hadn’t remembered this episode at first and just wanted to make two characters based off of the different fur colors a stoat can have and wanted a good reason for them both to have the Stoat prefix. But when I remembered this episode existed, I knew I had do make this with it. It was too perfect not to! Even if it’s not intentional, this is honestly probably how Mudstar naming his daughter went.

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