Quarantining New Ferrets (why it’s important & how to do it)

Welcome to the second video in my series “Bringing Home a New Ferret: The Ultimate Guide!” Today we’re going to talk about why it’s important to quarantine new ferrets from the rest of your ferrets and other pets, as well as how to safely do it.

EDIT: In the video I mention that I’ll be releasing a video on introducing ferrets in 2 weeks, that video is likely going to take longer. As of right now I have begun the process of introducing Elara and Andromeda with Luna and Nova, but they’re going to take a little longer than I had anticipated. I want to be able to show you guys my process during the video so it won’t be out until I’ve introduced them fully. Thanks for the patience!

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2:37 – reasons quarantine is important
7:06 – how to quarantine part 1: vet visit
10:46 – how to quarantine part 2: quarantine
12:43 – my quarantine setup tour

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