Rabbit Snaring 101 – Wire Survival Snares

Survival snares and traps are one of the best ways to get food in a long term survival or wilderness living situation. Snares are cheap, quick, and very effective if set in the right way and in a good location. This video will focus on wire survival snares and rabbit snaring 101. I’ll show you how to make a wire snare, how to set a snare for rabbits, and also talk about the differences between wire snares and modern cable snares. On the History Channel’s Alone, you’re allowed to take snare wire as one of the 10 items. Here’s how I used mine and how the cast of Alone Season 9 is using theirs. Snare wire can be found at the link below. This wire will work great for a squirrel pole as well.

Snare Wire – M

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